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New Centering Space

Located across from the nursery, this room has been created for you to have a safe space to reconnect, find balance and be at peace. In the Centering Space you will find:

  • MANDALA COLORING BOOK: Coloring allows the brain to enter a peaceful state and be focused on filling the shapes instead of thinking about your worries. The most important rule to follow when coloring a mandala is that there is no right or wrong way to color. So start to color and see what inspires you.

  • PUZZLE: Puzzles can act as a form of meditation - they provide an alternate way to focus your attention.  Each piece is like one breath or one moment in time.

  • Comfort Cross: The comfort cross is designed to be held in one’s hand providing comfort, solace, and tangible connection to one’s faith. (You can find the comfort cross on the altar)

  • PRAYER SQUARE: These knitted squares are made in prayer, for prayer.  The squares serve as a reminder: to pause  and pray and also a reminder that someone has already prayed for you. Please feel free to take a prayer square from the altar home with you.

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