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Spare a Pair

Socks and underwear are among the most requested items by those who are unhoused and in shelters. Every pair of socks and pack of underwear we collect through Spare a Pair will be distributed directly to the individuals in need by our trusted network of community partners.

We have also teamed up with our friends at Red.Lined Period to collect menstrual products! They are a local grassroots nonprofit dedicated to fighting period insecurity by providing menstrual products free of charge to youth and adults throughout Rhode Island.

So, now through the end of February we are collecting new unopened, warm, adult socks

and adult underwear for all genders (sizes S-5x.) We are also collecting feminine products.

These items can be bought in bulk packaging as long as they are individually wrapped.

Drop off your donations in the Mission Box located under the Welcome Tree in the narthex.

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