A Wonder Full Life...New Stewardship Campaign

Dear Friends in Christ,

It’s “A Wonder Full Life” here at Shepherd of the Valley! We are always moving with activities, worship, Bible studies, and now the Stewardship Campaign. Stewardship is about giving ALL of ourselves in service to Jesus. Learning and growing in service with Jesus is why we are here. We strive to serve Jesus in every aspect of the wonder which is our lives. This goal naturally leads us to being a people who are mission minded! Mission work is broader than just helping those who are in a hard spot. Mission involves ALL of us in service to Jesus so that people can connect more closely to God.

In our church we engage in two forms of missional work: Inside Missions and Outside Missions.

Inside Missions focus on SOV as a community of faith. It is engaging worship, thoughtful Bible Study and learning groups. It is the choir singing, youth group and church school for our kids. It is baptisms, weddings and funerals. It is a means in which we support one another as we navigate through the entirety of our lives.

External Missions are innumerable for the life of any church. For SOV it includes feeding the hungry, working with agencies throughout RI, and even lobbying our state government for the needs of the poor. These missions mean that we work with the whole of the NEAC to make sure that folk in need in New England have opportunity and hope. It also includes supporting folk in times of crisis such as war and natural disasters locally and abroad. We at SOV serve in missions both by our presence and by sharing our money.

At times Internal and External Missions overlap. Many groups and organization use our facilities. They do excellent work in the communities where they live. By offering them a space to meet, create and launch from, we here at SOV are engaging in mission with them by the financial gifts we render to support the upkeep of the facility.

This is also true of us as a worshiping community. By rendering our financial gifts to the life and ministries of SOV we are actively engaging in mission. We are saying with our pocketbook that what we do matters for the good of our town, our state, and for the good of the world.

Through the upcoming weeks we will be celebrating the wonder and the fullness of our lives. We will use the theme “A Wonder Full Life and explore images from the old classic movie It’s a Wonderful Life staring Jimmy Stewart. During these weeks we will:

∙Look Back: How were you raised to think about money?

∙Look In: How do we use our money for the betterment of society?

∙Look Out: How do we desire to use our money for the betterment of society?

∙Look with Gratitude: What will we give of ourselves to God in service and mission?

∙Consecration Sunday: What monetary commitment will we offer in the year ahead?

Please join us from October 23rd to November 20th as we explore these themes.

In Gratitude,

Jane Stewart, Co-Chair

SOV Stewardship Team

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