Our History

The roots of Shepherd of the Valley UMC go back to the 19th century, when there were Methodist churches in Hope Village and Phenix. After lengthy ministries as separate churches, the congregations merged and in 1970 built the current church facility.

The church grew rapidly after merger. The merging congregation of about 100 became 200 and then 300, and the late 70's added a small addition of classroom space and a library. The church has continued to grow since then, with membership numbering over 600. Currently here are discussions underway to prepare for an enlarged facility, potentially adding worship, classroom, office, kitchen and fellowship space.

The congregation is made up of about equal portions of people who were United Methodist when they arrived, those who have come out of the Baptist or other Protestant tradition, and those who formerly were Roman Catholic. There are also people here for whom Shepherd of the Valley is their first church experience.

We are a diverse congregation in many ways.

  • Our roots go back well over a hundred years, but we are dynamic and growing in a modern facility.
  • Our sanctuary has furniture from the old churches, but we have a brand new digital electronic organ that supports worship.
  • We share a fairly traditional worship style, but enjoy Contemporary and Southern Gospel music as a part of what we do.
  • We are dedicated to every person's spiritual growth in faith, but we also know that faith is more than a private matter.
  • We honor a tradition of ministry that goes back generations, yet we are one of the youngest congregations in central Rhode Island.
Come and find your place among us, grow with us and discover the purposes God has in store for you!